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“Toto . . . we’re not in the 20th Century anymore!” Acting has changed dramatically (pun intended) in the 21st but most actors are still clinging to outdated 100 year-old STAGE techniques often taught third-hand by teachers who never studied with those original 20th Century super-coaches.
The BEST cold-reading technique I’ve ever learned taught to me years ago by the BEST cold-reading teacher on the planet! GUARANTEED to get you callbacks on your very first audition. 

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Instead, learn updated FILM techniques synthesized from the teachings of these great super-coaches from someone who actually studied with them!

AS WELL AS the FASTEST SECRET technique to connect voice, body and impulse to emotion that I know.
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Heres just a FEW skill-full tools youll get in this crammed-full class:AND MORE!Im only taking six actorsearning six figures in 2015.committed to working and