Look, I've been there. I was lucky enough to train with the best . . . Meisner, Hagen, Strasberg, Spolin, Winters, Grant, Groundlings, and many others. But, in every class, there were over thirty of us eager to sit at the feet of the acting guru. We devotees got anywhere from five minutes individually to a rare hour in a group exercise to go through our paces. The rest of the time we just sat. And watched others. It was a really poor way to teach actors, who must do to learn. But it was the way it's always been done.

It wasn't until I studied with Walter Lott, a visionary teacher who combined Method relaxation and sense memory with other important techniques to sharpen focus and acting in the moment, that I got what training was all about. Even though the classes were still large, each of us was able to focus on our craft for a solid two hours. I hadn't worked or trained for five or six years, but two months with Walter and I booked a show!

Years later, I was lucky to train with someone who had worked with Jerzy Grotowski in Poland. Grotowski was a theatre director who developed a whole new way to train actors. I especially liked the fact that, in our small company of six or eight, the teacher was able to individualize and allow all of us to do exercises at the same time. This breaking-down-barriers grueling form of physical and vocal training, coupled with the concentrated, individualized focus you can only get from working in a small-class environment, got me even more work.

So, when I started my own classes fifteen years ago, I decided that they had to be small, techniques had to be varied and confrontive to break down barriers and allow expression to flow, and film technique had to be included as film is the most common acting medium today. We had to learn how to express big so we could act small. So:

And More!

Okay, okay, I admit it! I use my intuitive gifts in class. I've been an energy healer for many years now, and you can read about how I work individually with actors in my Clarity sessions by clicking here.

In class, my Tibetan Singing Bowls are always close at hand and I'm able to remove energy blocks that keep you stuck with them. So don't be surprised if you hear their wonderfully complex, healing tones or see me pull blocked energy out of students in class. It makes perfect sense to me to combine all my acting know-how with whatever additional gifts that I possess to make you the best actor you can be. That's my ultimate goal.

My actors are really thrilled about Act Intuitive. Here are just a few:

“Remember how we worked on connecting with my ancestor, Lord Oda Nobunaga [in class] last year? Two days ago, I got cast to play one of the major warlords . . .who was strongly aligned with Oda Nobunaga. How cool is that? You and I put that energy out to the universe last year and it comes back in this form several months later. Thank you, Jill!”   Henry Hayashi, actor

“Your words and friend/coach spirit are always with me. I am blessed even in my lowest of times. [I learned about] letting go and being completely real with myself, about what I really want and picking up on energy very quickly. Beyond that . . . maintaining a sense of sick ass humor . . .”  Jody Cosgrove, actor

“Jill Place really helped me come out of my shell. When I first came to her I was really . . . stiff, self-conscience, and all in my head. Her acting exercises helped to relax me and get me back in my body. I'm able to express myself naturally now and allow true emotions to surface. I never thought I'd be able to cry on cue, but now I can. Her knowledge of all acting styles, passion for teaching and her insightful direction are invaluable.”   Allen Andrews, actor

“Jill is the greatest! She has helped me unleash my creative and acting potential in a very holistic way. She addresses the whole actor. When I started working with Jill I had no idea what 'kind' of parts I'd be most likely cast in and with her help I realized my potential, and that I had a potential. . . . I've been getting all kinds of gigs.”   Diannah Morgan, actor

“During my successful career of many years working behind the camera in motion pictures I came to the realization that my true passion had always been acting. I liked a lot of the things Jill had written on her website so I enrolled in her acting class. We roll on the floor, do something called Grotowski exercises, relaxation, voice work, improvisation and scenes. There is no BS, no fluff in this class. Jill cuts to the chase. It’s hard work and it’s intense to the point that several students weren’t ready for it and dropped out. Fortunately for me I had important personal breakthroughs on a regular basis. Literally “ah ha” moments of clarity which made me more relaxed, confident and a better actor.” Evan Taylor, actor