Okay, I have to admit that I have NO idea how I do it. Because I’ve been psychic since I was born. I remember seeing things when I was very small. My training also seemed destined; teachers always appeared to instruct me in the next thing I needed to know about my spiritual journey. It’s uncanny that someone who grappled with fear and uncertainty her whole life about other parts of it, from relationships to self-image to careers, always trusted that someone new would appear to light the way. I don’t know how I knew. But I just did.

Thanks to my amazing teachers, who ran the gamut from Tibetan monks to acting coaches, I was ready to go public with my intuitive talents when friends encouraged me to do so about fifteen years ago. I wasn’t exactly sure what form these sessions might take, however. I was already using my Tibetan singing bowls . . . an entire set chosen for me by yet again another guide . . . to clear energy blocks from my actors as they worked. But reading palms, crystal balls and tea leaves . . . C’MON!

Then it hit me! If actors could CO-CREATE the sessions with me, I could get on board with doing them. As I said, I had no guidelines for using my gifts because they were always there. So what made the most sense to me was to work WITH my actors who, whether they embraced the idea or not, were already somewhat intuitive. To work WITH them using acting exercises, guided visualization and other powerful psychic tools to meet the guidance that would aid them from that day forward. To work WITH them to learn vital information that could help them punch through whatever was keeping them stuck in their lives and careers.

So I hung up my psychic shingle and was immediately swamped. Soon, I was booked a month in advance! Not only that, people started having big breakthroughs after our sessions. Here are some of their stories; since they’re very personal they’re all anonymous but one.

Although she had won several supporting roles in some major films, one actress thought she'd never get another. She said she lacked the networking and social skills of her ShowBiz peers, many who had spectacular successes in their careers. Immediately after we booked the session, I saw a dark form of a full-figured woman in a flowered dress. Along with an attic. And a feeling that someone had told her that she'd never make it. When we met for the session, we relived an incident when she was a child and her aunt, who was the dark figure I saw, told her that she never be able to go up into the attic in her home. "You'll never go that high," she said. The actress somehow took it to mean she'd never excel at her chosen profession. As children, sometimes we take to heart something we see or hear that has nothing to do with the actual circumstance. It's the way we're wired. And sometimes these childhood interpretations have devastating lifelong effects. Once this actress was able to see this incident for what it really was, she was free of it. She went on soon after to a regular recurring role in an Emmy-award-winning TV show. And they liked her so much that, even though she wasn't technically a series regular, they wrote her character into about half the episodes.

Another actress took my classes for just a short time. And, even though she had considerable talent and training, she was frustrated that she wasn't booking. After her session, she began working in TV show after TV show. And hasn't stopped working since. She even appeared in two guest-starring roles in the same week.

One actor had it all going for him . . . the look, the training, the marketing, the credits. His goal was to be a regular on a soap or TV series. But that goal seemed to elude him. And, on the surface, he seemed to be one of the most well-adjusted, slated-for-success people on the planet. But, intuitively, I got that, deep inside, his inner child was hurting and sabotaging his success. So we worked together with guided imagery to meet that inner child. And heal their relationship. When I asked him how he felt after the session, he said "embarrassed". I said, "Why? You couldn't have known that your kid even existed unless you worked with someone like me. You just knew that something wasn't right." He thanked me in the softest, most gentle voice. And, last time I heard, he had gotten closer to his goal by landing a regular recurring role on a soap.

And still another actor could never get the agent he wanted. As a matter of fact, he couldn’t get anyone to represent him even though he had done good supporting roles in some decent movies. As soon as he did his Clarity session, his dream agent was knocking at his door begging to work with him.

That’s why I call them Clarity. Doing them seems to clear out old energy that keeps actors from moving forward. And allows new possibilities in. I know from my own experience that it’s incredibly difficult to energetically go from enthusiastic, confident acting student to unsure acting professional. Clarity gives you the courage to make the leap . . . and conjures the net to catch you.

The co-creation structure of the sessions makes the experience even more powerful. Also, some targeted tools to perpetuate the new, positive energy come about as part of the process. The end result is a clearer picture of what success path the participant needs to tread as well as brand new moccasins with which to walk it.

Anita Chariw’s Clarity story is better than fiction. The minute we got on the phone, I saw water and an island. And found out that Anita had lived for many years in Hawaii. As a matter of fact, one of Anita's guides is a high Hawaiian deity. Anita has been working with her personal guidance for some time. In our session, however, I was able to reconnect her with them in a more powerful way. Anita's acting career had been beached like an outrigger canoe for some time. But the very next week, she magically got an agent. In a spectacular example of serendipity, she didn't even have to read because the agent knew her from another agency. Two auditions also materialized in the same week.

To tell you the truth, I was almost intimidated to work with Anita, who was not only an intuitive herself but whose teachers include some of the greatest spiritual leaders of the 20th Century. But here’s what she said about the experience . . . “As a result of our session I definitely experienced an energy shift which allowed me to push through barriers that were present....I've done a lot of energy work through the years and have been fortunate enough to work with great healers and teachers and rank Jill's ability to ‘tune in’ among the best. We connected and a "flood of information" came through which was accurate, timely, and allowed me to get back on track!!!....thank you, Jill, for your dedication ‘to the work’."

"I just saw today that I tend to come back to things I don't like, from the fear that there is no other option . . . so [I} stay in the known, and familiar "comfort zone" which is anything but comfortable . . . thank you very much for your insight! . . . I now understand the testimonials on your site about the successes people had through your sessions!"

“I have felt some wild and crazy thoughts flying around and through me in the last couple days, but I also feel like I have the tools and understanding to observe them and deal with them/question them....so I do see the opportunity to go into an emotional dark zone, but instead, I'm feeling the energy flowing, opening up to the stuff I might call not so nice most of the time....and letting it rip. Acting career-wise, had a really nice conversation with one of my agents this week when I called to refer another actor....he was like....the one I really wanna get working is YOU....so it opened up a really good window to sit down and make a workable plan. I have so many great people and advantages in my corner....it's just a matter of using the incredible resources I've been given.

And more about being than doing, I get that....being open hearted and letting in the good stuff....making good inspired plans from there. Our session was really productive for me....mostly because you created a space for me to discover stuff for myself.”

I've even been tithed-to! I received a check awhile ago. From a longtime friend and student. At, first I couldn't understand why. Because I hadn't worked with her in awhile. Then I read the enclosed letter. And I cried! Because this is what the letter said:

“The session you did for me on my birthday continues to nourish me . . . I am tithing to you as a source of my spiritual nourishment and growth . . .”

Let's face it . . . many of us don't feel we deserve to succeed. I know from years of working as a coach and counselor . . . and from my own years as an actor . . . that if you don't believe in every fiber of your being that you can, then you won't. You can't be an acting success if your life is holding you back!

Isn't being successful in your acting and in your life worth $85 to you? To book a session, click here to pay immediately. My office will then call you to schedule your session at your convenience. Y not act now! So you can act sooner!

DISCLAIMER: These sessions are for educational and entertainment purposes only and not intended to diagnose or cure any medical or psychological problem. Please do not attempt if you have and/or are currently being treated by a mental health professional for moderate to severe psychological issues such as addiction, panic disorder, borderline personality disorder or incest survivorship.