I conceived of BRANDact™ when I was branding my own businesses ten years ago. I had a girlfriend, Kim Castle, who did and still does do branding coaching and classes. I drove home from her class one day thinking that actors really need this too! They need to leave “Please-want-me-ville” and drive past “I can play anything” to name and claim the one acting thing that they do best, whether it’s playing a dad or a zany oddball. Because it’s my philosophy that an awareness of what they do best coupled with whatever indefinable something . . . or personal charisma . . . that they have will make them stand apart and ultimately land them that breakthrough role.

I promised my students for months that I would do a branding class. And then, in one weekend, I put it all together. Since I’m an intuitive, I figured that I must have channeled it. But, whatever I did, it was a hit! Sixteen people, almost more than my little house could hold, showed up that first Saturday. And, after completing the eight-hour workshop, four of them went out the very next day and booked shows! And several others got impressive gigs within the next few weeks. I guess the process worked. Now, after years of running workshops and coaching people individually to discover their brands, here’s why I think it did.

First, most actors haven’t a clue how to market themselves. I certainly didn’t. And I consider this cluelessness part of the reason I didn’t “make it” as an actress. Because I had great support and mentors . . . people in ShowBiz who gave me continual confidence and opportunity. But I failed to understand that acting was an art but also a business. And, as such, the same success rules apply. You’ve got to first KNOW what you’re selling before you can sell it well. BRANDact™ helps you do that.

Second, BRANDact™ helps actors define the essence of what kinds of parts they do best. With a little of who they are on a very deep level thrown in. We then fashion all this information into a short, catchy phrase that the actor can use both as a personal mantra and an advertising logline.

Sometimes actors don’t have a clue about what they do best. But Henry Hayashi certainly did. Hank often played samurais in movies, partly because he was Japanese and partly because he felt psychically linked to a particular illustrious one. So, when it came time to brand him, we chose the phrase “Sophisticated Samurai with Ex-Acting Edge”. Hank’s is one of my favorite brands because it not only names what he does best as an actor, but hints at his personal essence as well. Once Hank got “branded”, he instantly had a great agent begging to represent him and, soon after, booked a Super Bowl commercial, a BBC miniseries where he played . . . you guessed it . . . AND a guest-starring role in a two-part season finale of House. It seems like developing a brand sends up a “here I am” flare to the Universe. A flare that is bright enough to be seen by every Casting Director in town.

Finally, the process also encourages actors to define their purpose for acting. The full branding statement includes the logline and this statement of purpose. Defining a purpose reconnects the actor over and over again with why they’re acting in the first place. As well as buoying them up in tough times. Stating an acting purpose can be harrowing for some actors; I’ve had several try to leave the room in response to the task. But I think it’s as important as coming up with a catchy logline. And completes the manifesting magic of the BRANDact™ process.

Here are some actors that absolutely LOVED BRANDact™

“BRANDact” was precisely the crash-course I needed to get started. Taught by Jill Place, a loving fire-cracker of a woman, the process was fun, supportive, enlightening, and celebratory. Cut your teeth on this branding class and walk away with a tool that can take your career—and self-awareness—to the next level. And all at a price that respects the actor's pocketbook.” Joher Coleman, actor

  “I have already applied the idea of branding to my life. Since the workshop, I have felt more secure about what I am doing. I feel much more confident and amped up about where I'm going in my career.” Ima Uko, personality

“Jill's event was enlivening and perfect in every way. Deepening myself to write a "branding" statement (given a full day), is empowering. And brings me exactly to why I'm an actor now.” Doris Martin, actor

“I thought about you today, and the miracles we all made together. It was a wonderful day, and a transformative experience! ” Pamela Clay, actor-singer

“The workshop allowed me to realize that I am on the right path, and need the help of BRANDING to pull all of my marketing materials together. The workshop also allowed me to really grasp who I am as an actor, and what my life purpose is.” Leah Cevoli, actor-host

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