Jill Place, a master coach for over 30 years, now teaches a revolutionary new acting technique called “Act Intuitive” that blends and refocuses some old but profound ideas about acting natural. And combines them with some new ideas about acting close-up. . Jill honed her intuitive and acting skills through years of intensive training with such illustrious teachers as Lee Strasberg, Uta Hagen, Sanford Meisner, Viola Spolin, and as an original Groundling. She had a successful acting career onstage and sang all over the world before retiring from performing in the early 1980s. Jill is also a medical intuitive and spiritual healer. She can see where actors have emotional or energy blocks that keep them from fully expressing their craft and can intuit ways to easily remove these blocks.

Jill offers you a total approach to acting success with her combination of acting training and Actor-Business eBooks. She created the “BRANDact™” Branding for Actors Success System to make actors stand apart in ShowBiz. The Success System is an interactive series of eBooks and optional individual in-person, Skype or phone sessions that help the actor create a unique brand. “Aligning your BRAND™”, the second offering in the eBook System, is a dynamic process that aligns an actor’s energy for career success. Jill also helps you “get clear(er) about your career” with co-created intuitive sessions that identify and remove whatever is standing in the way of all you wish to be.

Jill is very proud of her association with Now Casting and soon will be bringing her Act Intuitive and “BRANDact™” to you online as part of their Master Class series. She has written the “Great Acting Coaches” series about all her famous mentors, and currently pens a monthly column for them about the spiritual side of acting called “Art and Soul” that is now in its sixth year.