Poking though Clouds to See the Light, Part Seven

POKING ACT Poking though Clouds to See the Light, Part Seven

Change your Life by Breathing Color

Okay . . . we’ve talked about all sorts of ways to change your mind, including cognitive-based behavioral ones, writing and reframing, guided imagery, and tapping.  But years ago, I happened upon a little book called “Health, Youth, and Beauty though Color Breathing”.  I couldn’t find it on Amazon the other day . . . I’m sure that, by this time, it’s out of print.  But the concepts in it truly changed my life.  And it’s been a touchstone for me ever since.

Color breathing has elements of every other type of energy healing.  First of all, all the chakras, the seven Hindu energy centers of the body, all resonate not only with specific tones on the scale but with specific colors too.

Sounds are invisible but each color has their own visible wave length or frequency.  And that light frequency, when it penetrates the body, stimulates glands and vital organs, including the skin.  Which is the reason why color breathing can reverse the signs of aging.  As well as restore health.

All this mirrors what we talked about before, especially in part five of this series.  If you haven’t already you can read about the energy bodies, which are very similar to the chakras, by going here. The whole idea is to make changes in your etheric body, the one next to the physical one you show to the world.  If you picture the etheric as perfect, it will eventually manifest in the physical, thus fulfilling the prophecy, “thoughts become things”.  And color helps stimulate this whole process.

Different colors do different things to the etheric field.  I’ve been telling my clients for years to visualize a white or golden light around them for protection and healing.  Another healing color is turquoise blue.  Made me think of that little boy that I met long ago that told me I’d be a healer because I had this turquoise, teal-blue aura. And purple is often used to heal emotional disturbances.

But this isn’t necessarily your own helping-healing rainbow.  As a matter of fact, some color healers call upon the Universe to send them just the colors they need for whatever task they’re doing.  Or they start with a rainbow and then ask it to filter out the shades important for their particular healing.

Yvonne Martine, who co-wrote the book, was able to heal her own declining health and reverse signs of aging with this technique.  Some general guidelines for this process, according to Yvonne, are:

  1. Visualize only what you wish to happen.
  2. Repeat it consistently as well as daily.
  3. Concentrate and visualize strongly. Thought is a vibration and a stronger vibration will work better than a weak one.
  4. Add color (think in technicolor) for added vibrational effects.

To accomplish her own beauty prescription, Yvonne breathed in her particular shade of pink.  Pink is the universal shade of love. Here is her simple procedure:

  1. Adopt a quiet, meditative state of mind.
  2. Breathe in pink air from in front of you at eye level several times. Then breathe in the pink air and mentally direct it to the area you want to improve.  While holding your breath, visualize that area as perfect.
  3. Do this three times.
  4. Feel the joy of accomplishment and offer gratitude for help with that area.
  5. Repeat for other areas.
  6. Forget about the whole thing until the next session.

Yvonne did this ritual first thing upon awakening and the last thing before going to bed.  But it’s vitally important that you do this practice for the greater good of others as well as yourself.  Because no self-improvement program should be done out of selfishness or vanity.  If you do it that way, you may either get no results.  Or the process may even backfire.

Wanting to be beautiful can be a vehicle for inner radiance and spiritual substance.  I don’t know anyone who is truly beautiful or handsome that doesn’t also have that inner glow.  Think of the beautiful outside as just icing on the cake.

Well, this is the end of the road for this series.  I will talk of similar things in the future.  But I just wanted to give you a smattering of tried-and-true techniques to make you better.  Please . . . please . . . keep me posted if any of these work for you.  Or, because of reading my very brief synopses, you take it upon yourself to do further research and adopt one of these as your own.

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