Connecting to Spirit


A Septuagenarian’s Willy-Nilly Path to Enlightenment

Tottering on the precipice of my 70th birthday (it’s the 27th), I can’t help but dwell on how I got here.  GOD, it was lengthy, often leaden, sometimes laudatory,   But always unerringly a drawing toward the deepest chambers of my heart and soul to reveal the me that is spirit.

And . . . let’s face it . . . isn’t being dubbed a “septuagenarian” kinda cool?  Especially  when you’re healthy, active, still healing people, and teaching a very physical acting technique?  I’m also incredibly close to publishing my first eBook.  And documenting my weight loss to inspire others my age.

How DID I get here?  Beats me.  I once didn’t think I’d make it past 50.  But, now that I’m . . .  THAT word . . . I can clearly see what was vital to my path.


Hey, it’s really hard to resist that there are things otherworldly when you see flitting forms in your room when you’re four.  And later on when you end up living in more than one haunted house.  And are close with people who go on to be mediums.  And have extraterrestrials marching in your back door. To name just a few.

I could have denied it.  But instead I allowed them all in.  Including the two alien presences that became my guidance and allowed me to work effectively as an intuitive and healer.  Surrender, which is an inherent part of spiritual disciplines, helped me grow and thrive.  So perhaps it’s always been a part of me.  I also was able to look at all these extraordinary happenings through curious instead of judgmental eyes.  That helped.


I don’t know why but I’ve always looked upon life as a journey instead of a means to an end.  Perhaps I’ve always had a direct line to the super-intelligence that is spirit.  I know that sounds a bit arrogant but it’s always seemed to be so.

I’ve signed up for workshops same day, got in the car, and driven four hours because I knew I just had to be there.  And called psychics for sessions because I just knew it was the right thing to do.  One particular psychic became a major force in my life, introducing me to my medicine man guide (all of us born in the US have Native American guides), teaching me about crystals, and even doing readings at my house.  She even shared with me one of her guides, Auberon, who’s been lighting my own way ever since.

My acting teacher, Walter Lott, turned out to be another major force.  He just happened to be at the Strasberg Institute when I decided train again.  Within a month I was his class secretary and, for the next ten years, I never paid for another class again.   Walter introduced me to Eastern religion, which sent me upon a whole new life-tangent, as well as turning me into the best actor that I could possibly be.


Even my sister noticed that I’m not great with a lot of noise.  As straight-laced as she is, we’ve actually discussed the fact that I hear tones no one else hears.  So being in silence is not only preferred, it’s absolutely necessary.  It’s getting harder and harder to do, however, in this dissonant, cacophonous world. .But, again, it’s the backbone of most spiritual disciplines.

I’ve always been a fan of meditation.  A way of quieting your mind so that the chatter in your head subsides.  Then you can also select your thoughts to forge new neural pathways for better life outcomes.

Actors who study and master intense theatrical techniques do this all the time.  Getting into a deeper state of consciousness, then selecting certain thoughts and visceral memories, then surrendering to the whole process, to me, is the path to spontaneous impulse and great acting.


I’ve always noticed that events form a certain pattern.  A pattern to guide you to some life lesson that you must learn.  If you ignore them, the messages grow stronger until they’re impossible to brush off.  The trick is to recognize them earlier so that catastrophe doesn’t ensue.

My spiritual path has always been a synchronicity.  It led from from those otherworldly glimpses to a little boy who told me I’d be a healer to spiritual guides including that long-ago psychic to meditation and acting, which sharpened my intuitive skills in other ways.  People have also always appeared at the right times to show me the way.

And, when I denied or ignored them, something negative always happened.  Like breaking my ankle.  It was probably the most challenging time of my life. And the memory and aftermath is still always with me.  But I have to admit I’m now in a better, more patient place.


I’ve studied and reaped the benefit of nutritional supplements for many years. And, looking back, it was synchronicity that prevailed there too.  I was an actor and arts administrator until the early 1980s.  But was always drawn to alternative healers who prescribed supplements for certain problems.

And it was at one of those alternative healers that I met the person who soon became my business partner and with her rode the wave of a huge hit nutritional book, Fit for Life.  My interest in theatre and teaching was waning at the time, so I dived into studying nutrition from the highest springboard, reading all I could, taking classes, and even changing my career to follow my new passion.

Once I finished college and became a dietitian, I fanned an obsession for supplements by a synchronous connection to the top supplement company at the time.  Now there are whole programs that teach about them.   Then we had to learn about this new paradigm of medicine through company seminars and self-study.

All of that led to writing textbooks, speaking all over the world, working in integrated clinics, and currently using them to heal myself and others.  As a matter of fact, that ankle is griping me so I gotta go get some.  Fish oils and curcumin work wonders on inflammation.

Wish me happy 70th!  And thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for being in my life!

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What’s been YOUR spiritual journey?  Have you found synchronicities, which we can also call déjà vu, happening.  Did you heed the signs or not?