Marketing Tip #10: STOP your Starving Artist Mindset

By Jill Place, The Acting Intuitive

Starving Artist Mindset = Career Suicide

stop sign clip art 12913 300x300 Marketing Tip #10: STOP your Starving Artist MindsetOkay . . . today we’re going to pry open the window into what’s stopping you from having the career you crave. And take you further down the path to creating it. This’ll be a short blog today, as it’s about questions to write about and ponder. Also, if you haven’t read the last two blogs about spotting your Starving Artist mindset, you might want to go here (link) and do so right now.

In the last two blogs, we identified your Starving Artist story . . . how it was born and evolved to this point. Now we’re going to explore some ways to stop it once and for all. Because a mindset is like a loving but flawed relationship . . . you love it, you hate it, you leave it, you come back to it, but you still dance with it until it’s done. So finding out the part you play in it is crucial to divorcing it once and for all.

So first I’d like you to read through the following instructions and explanations as thoroughly as you’d like. You can do the questions one at a time or all at once; just review them thoroughly so you know what you want to get out of this before you go deeper. You might also want to state an intention for the session, like . . .

Today I will find out what part I play in creating my Starving Artist mindset so I can stop it once and for all!

Have your journal and favorite pen nearby to write your observations after the session. Then get into a deeper, more receptive state of consciousness. You can use whatever relaxation or acting training you normally do to get there, or just sit or lie down comfortably and breathe in slowly to about 2/3rds of your lung capacity, hold for a few beats, then breathe out three or four times to quiet yourself down.

Then review the following steps to stopping your mindset:

1. Come into the moment about the pattern of your Starving Artist story. How has the story you learned about in the last two blogs perpetuated throughout your life? Has it manifested only in your career? Or has it seeped into other parts of your life, like your day job or personal relationships? Dwell on it for a moment.

2. Realize that you have co-created this story and are now victimized by it. Things never just happen. We always need to take responsibility for the part we play in them as well as the way we’ve victimized ourselves in the bargain. I love the show, Entourage. Johnny Drama is the classic actor who is victimized by his acting past and resultant limiting beliefs about himself, and is actually sabotaged by his scheming producer. Until, however, he takes his power back at an audition, both stating what he wants to someone who he perceives doesn’t like his work, and then giving a killer audition. As a result, he gets a holding deal and, later, a hit show. How have you co-created and are now victimized by your story?

3. Realize what your story has cost you. Go back over your auditions and your interactions with people who might further your career/hire you in your mind one by one. Total up the cost either in roles lost and/or potential dollars you might have earned from these roles.

4. Make amends to yourself. I have worked in addiction for twenty-plus years and know that making amends is one of the most powerful game-changers in the Universe. Forgive yourself for making yourself powerless and a victim and for all that it has cost you. If it’s appropriate, forgive others who also may have suffered due to your self-victimization.

When you’re ready, come back in the room. If you’ve gone very deep and feel a bit groggy, clap your hands to re-inhabit your body. Then grab your journal and pen and write down the entire experience. The most import part of this process is the amends you saw yourself making to yourself and others. List them. Then, write down other thoughts about this as they occur during the week. Next week . . . Part Two, where we make plans to stop your Starving Artist in its tracks once and for all!

Play it to the MAX!

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