By Jill Place, The Acting Intuitive

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If you’ve been reading my blogs recently, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been giving you some information about spotting and stopping your Starving Artist Mindset. Then taking you through a brief process to get you into a deeper, more receptive state of consciousness to better absorb that information. Mostly through sitting and lying down and breathing and guided imagery.

But I’ve got a better way. One that your inner actor might resonate with more. You’re used to cranking up your senses to create a role. So we’re going to use all the acting tools at your disposal and create an optimum environment to move quickly through some old stuff to create a new mindset. So I felt that I couldn’t move forward with more information without first giving you this dynamic way to connect with and quash old habits and make new ones.

So, instead of sitting or lying down, I’d like you to stand and begin with the same mantra of breathing in slowly 2/3 of the way, holding for two beats, and breathing out. Do that a few times . . . as many times as you need to feel more relaxed and connected. Then, I’d like you to begin at your head and move it any way it wants to move. Then go down to your shoulders and begin to move those too, checking out your head to see if any tension has returned or new tensions have arisen as a result of moving another body part. If they have, return to your head and address them. Continue in this way down your body, making sure that when you move to a new body part you check out the ones you’ve moved before to see if the energy or tension in them has changed. And return to that body part for a few moments.

I learned when I did intensive relaxation exercises with Lee Strasberg for many years that I could move one part of my body to relax it and another part would tense up. Then I would have to move that part, and yet another would change. The relaxation would, therefore, be progressive. The end result was that I became intimately aware of my body. An awareness that persists until this day. A good tool for an actor to have.

So you want to move in any way that “moves” you. Then, I’d like you to “Act Out” whatever is being imaged instead of just sitting and experiencing it passively. For example, let’s go step by step through one of my favorite imageries, “Finding a Safe Place”.

Still standing, perhaps with your eyes lowered, picture a place where you feel absolutely, positively safe and nurtured. It could be a place from now or long ago. A place that’s real or imagined. A place indoors or outdoors. Wherever it is, it’s a place where you feel absolutely relaxed and safe. When you see the place (you may not actually see it, but let the feeling of the place manifest in any way it does) begin to interact with it physically and sensorially. For example, if you’re at the beach, feel the sand beneath your feet. Feel your clothes on your body. Touch different things in the space. Stop and smell something; smell it with your whole body. Perhaps you also hear sounds; turn in their direction. Really hear them. And perhaps you are even tasting or eating something too. Whatever you do, keep moving!

Now take a moment to check in with your body. Note a feeling or need somewhere there. Begin to move that body part; go with it and see if you get other impulses to move your body in another way. Stay with a place like your stomach (that’s always my place), moving it to see if some emotion arises. Stay with the emotion awhile as you may be releasing some old stuff that keeps you stuck. Stay with this longer than you’d like to finish up some energy that needs to go. When you’re ready, take some deep breaths as in the beginning and come back in the room.

You might want to do the processes in the last few blogs with this “Acting-Out” procedure. Keep me posted about how well it’s working for you. And get ready for more clearing in the next blog, “STOP your Starving Artist Mindset, Part Two”. Play it to the MAX!

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