Marketing Tip #5! Getting Ready for Success: Working With YOUR Story

By Jill Place, The Acting Intuitive

joss whedon on characters1 Marketing Tip #5! Getting Ready for Success: Working With YOUR StoryI’m sketching out my BRAND-NEW “Aligning your BRAND” workbook/teleclass here in my blog so you can have some cutting-edge info firsthand way before the book and the Master Class come out. Eventually, this will be part of an entire ACTING SUCCESS SYSTEM. Its partial purpose . . . to analyze and address self-sabotage that you don’t even know exists in your plan to become a working actor. And to give you tools to turn that sabotage into sensation! Here’s the second installment . . . in order to change HOW you approach success you have to first recognize WHAT your current beliefs about success are.

So what came up for you a couple of weeks ago when you did the brief process I suggested in Marketing Tip #4? If you haven’t done it, let’s do it now. If you already have, every time you re-experience the process, something new may pop up. You might want to just read through it below a couple of times and just do it!

Find a safe place to sit or lie down so you won’t be disturbed. Then close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly all the way down to your toes and back. Breathe slowly in . . . one . . . two . . . three . . . and out slowly . . . one . . . two . . . three . . . You might also want to pause for a couple of beats at the top of your in-breath . . . for an informal yogic meditation breath.

Now try to picture a time when you were very young, possibly around age four or younger, when perhaps something traumatic happened to make you feel frightened or alone or isolated. Or perhaps you heard a parent or some other important person in your life at that time say something about you that you took to heart . . . something like you’d never amount to much. Or that you always did things wrong. Perhaps your whole early life was a series of these types of disappointments. Whatever comes up for you in your mind’s eye, one image or many, notice it sensorially . . . what you hear, see, touch, smell and possibly taste. Also notice a decision you might have made at that time. A decision about yourself. Then take a few minutes to dwell on this image or images.

Take a few deep breaths all the way down to your toes. Then slowly open your eyes, take your journal and write down what you saw. It may just be the core image that rules your whole life now. Or it may be a stepping stone that helps reveal a deeper truth for you. Don’t worry about what you saw or felt; simply write it down.

Here’s the super-skinny on your beliefs. MANY OF THE BELIEFS YOU’RE BASING YOUR LIFE UPON BEGAN WHEN YOU WERE VERY SMALL. You had, obviously, no mature reasoning ability at that time to judge whether what you experienced was true or not. In other words, YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM MOST LIKELY IS WRONG!

For example, one of my Clarity clients had done some amazing work in major films, but still thought she would never succeed. According to her, peers were always “more social” or “better at marketing”. When we did our intuitive session I immediately saw a full-figured woman in a flowered dress. Turns out that the woman was an aunt who said, when the actress was small, that she couldn’t go into the attic in her house because she shouldn’t “go that high”. Years later, she was still attached to that incident. But she had now reinterpreted its message to mean she wouldn’t ever go high in her life and career.

When she realized the belief for what it was . . . an irrational interpretation of what was originally a minor incident . . . she was able to get beyond it. And the next job she booked was a series regular on a hit TV show.

So I’d like you to look at what you wrote down. And see if the message this image, incident, or series of events is sending is really true for you now. Or was reinterpreted by a very small person who didn’t know any better in the past. Then ask yourself the following questions:

1. How has this image, image, or series of events affected my life?

2. What thought pattern has it set up about my success in my life and career? For example, my client interpreted her aunt’s early warning as a message that she’d never succeed at any time in her life.

3. Ask yourself what part have YOU played in this drama or story that you keep repeating over and over again in your life? How have you made yourself a victim to this story?

To be continued . . .

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What story are you holding onto today that has had a major influence upon your life? What came up for you when you did the process? In what way are you a victim to your desire to be an actor?