Marketing Tip #4: Getting Ready for Success. What’s YOUR Story?

By Jill Place, The Acting Intuitive

Success Road1 Marketing Tip #4: Getting Ready for Success. What’s YOUR Story?I’m sketching out my BRAND-NEW “Aligning your BRAND” workbook/teleclass here in my blog so you can have some cutting-edge info firsthand way before the book and the Master Class come out. Eventually, this will be part of an entire ACTING SUCCESS SYSTEM. Its purpose . . . to analyze and address self-sabotage that you don’t even know exists in your plan to become a working actor. And to give you tools to turn that sabotage into sensation! Here’s the first installment . . . in order to change HOW you approach success you have to first recognize WHAT you do where it’s concerned.

S/He’s SOOO GREAT! I don’t know WHY s/he’s not working!”

I don’t know HOW many times I’ve heard this in the fifty-plus years I’ve been involved in the acting community. I’ve heard it about my colleagues. And I’ve heard it about myself.

There’s the guy who everyone whispers about in hushed tones when he comes up to read. He’s supposedly the next James Dean or Ed Norton. He blows Casting Directors away with his read! Yet something always appears “off” about him otherwise. And he’s always their second choice.

There’s the gal who was supposedly so unique they never compared her to anyone. She had many contacts in ShowBiz thanks to her affiliation with a famous coach. She also had a tremendous agent thanks to these contacts. She even was being sent out mainly for sitcom and other comedy roles, which she had finally isolated as her forte. And won quite a few. But she quit on the verge of, according to her agent, a huge breakthrough in her career. And no one could figure out why. Including her.

And then there’s the gal who a soap was practically begging to hire. The only thing they asked of her was to read. But the actress couldn’t bring herself to go audition for them in person. They didn’t give up and encouraged her to film it instead. They even volunteered a film crew. Now this was 10 or 15 years ago when the technology wasn’t that advanced yet. You couldn’t record something with your iPhone and slap it on YouTube in minutes then. She turned it all down. And, obviously, didn’t get the job.

I’m sure that these actors didn’t mean to sabotage their chances at success. But they definitely did. And, by the way, the second story is mine. I’ve been telling myself for years that I was done with acting and that’s why I quit. But I think that the reason goes far deeper. I’m still exploring my journey.

The reality is that there are certain Universal truths about any success journey. Or any change you’d like to make in your life.

To change, first you have to figure out WHAT’S YOUR STORY! There’s a whole saga behind the moment where you made that decision to sabotage your success. Mine is about years of parents and other people being unobservant and downright negating who I really was. Therefore, I had to spend much time re-parenting myself and finding value in my talents. As well as owning and deserving them. Unfortunately, all that understanding came too late to make me an acting success. Perhaps I’ll now have it as a coach.

If you’re not having all the personal and professional success you want, you too must figure out your own journey. And another thing . . . you’re most likely living out decisions you made when you were very small. Decisions that have nothing to do with your current self. Or even current reality. We often have to “grow-up” the little kid who made those decisions, tell her we love her, and get her in cahoots with us to dissolve these irrational, sabotaging beliefs.

So let’s take the first step. Close your eyes and try to picture a time when you were very young, possibly around age four or younger, when something traumatic happened to make you feel frightened or alone or isolated. Notice it sensorially . . . what you hear, see, touch, smell and possibly taste. Also notice the decision you made at that time. Write it down. It may just be the core image that rules your whole life.

To be continued . . .

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WHAT’S YOUR SELF-SABOTAGE STORY? What came up for you when you did the process? If you haven’t done it yet, what came up for you when you read the article? Can you share a story where you felt you did something to sabotage an audition? What happened?