Virtual Classes Rock!


By Jill Place, The Acting Intuitive

I haven’t really talked about my iActing Studios Master Class in depth before. So I decided, on the eve of doing virtual classes IN REAL TIME that it was time to share about it.

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I was approached by my colleagues at Now Casting, Bob Stewart and Rick La Fond, to do a virtual class about a year ago. Bob and Rick have a huge vision to make acting and other ShowBiz success classes available to everyone all over the world. And to bring the best coaches that teach them to aspiring actors from Iowa to Iceland.

I felt honored to be included. But I’ve been associated with them for more than eight years . . . at the time, I had been writing my column about spirituality and acting called Art and Soul for about six. CEO and COO Bob and Rick have said that they’ve always been fans. I’ve been very blessed!

Anyway, we filmed about seven hours of class way back in January. It was quite a marathon, both getting ready and doing it. But such fun too!

I do something no one else in the roster of over 50 teachers does. I’ve been able to translate the teachings of Jerzy Grotowski, an obscure Polish theatre director who refocused acting training for the 21st Century, into workable, doable exercises that can help actors find a deeper way in which to work faster than any other. Just like Strasberg and Meisner did with Stanislavski’s teachings in the 20th Century. They were my teachers so I also know their work, and have been able to synthesize some of that into what I teach as well.

I’ve been honing my technique for over forty years. Thirty of those as a coach. My students have been up and working in very short times. So I was excited to be able to bring this unique Master Class to you. It’s a little bit about the basic exercises that I do, a lot about why Grotowski and the philosophies of modern acting, and another bit about using a physical approach to scenes. But it just scratched the surface of this dynamic technique. And didn’t allow for actors to actually do the process, which is where its real strength lies. Because we all know that acting can’t really be taught . . . it must instead be somatically and energetically understood by the body and voice.

iActing Studios premiered in July to rave reviews. Very soon, they’ll be offering real-time classes too. I’m among the first on the roster. I plan to teach actual sessions in my unique warm-up as well as working physically on scenes from the inside out instead of the lines in. And one on a physical approach to character development and another on tapping easily into the emotion required for a scene. I’m also a big advocate of script analysis and hope to offer that as well. Also . . . coming soon . . . a Master Class on branding for actors.

So do me a favor. Go to and check out the wealth of information there. And check out my class. Wouldn’t hurt if you enrolled too!

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Have you spent beaucoup bucks to sit in a class and do a ten-minute scene? Has your coach addressed your individual needs? Or are you still clueless about how to develop a viable technique or go to the next level in your acting? Most of all, are you booking? If not, what do you think you need to do to become a successful actor that works all the time?