Marketing Tip #3: Your Actor-Business Toolkit, Part Two

By Jill Place, The Acting Intuitive

iStock 000020341138Small1 Marketing Tip #3: Your Actor Business Toolkit, Part TwoWOW! I’ve received quite a few comments about my last blog. Would love it if you could leave replies on the Facebook plugin on the blog rather than e-mailing me. That way, all of what we say can be shared on Facebook. Still, any way you want to connect is a blessing to me!

It was interesting that all the comments mostly had to do with marketing, marketing, marketing. Even if they were acting-related. Why am I not surprised! As I’ve said many times before, most actors go into it for the Actor part of the Actor-Business. Not the Business part. And most of the actors I know who are savvy marketers are working. Whether or not their acting chops are up to par or not.

Below are the comments of three actors who were kind enough to respond to my blog.  And I think there are many more of you out there who have some input about this very vital question that every actor who wants to work in ShowBiz asks themselves on a daily basis . . . what do I need to be a SMASHING acting success?

Bill Sarkisian wrote:

Be directable. When a CD or others gives you an adjustment, be able to, ‘be more/less sympathetic’, ‘Take longer/go quicker…’

I would add a new number 1. Remember, you are a small business, act like it. Be a pro, show up, meet deadline, don’t EVER make excuses, be good to work with. In this biz, it’s who knows you and LIKES you.”

Thanks so much, Bill. As always, you have wonderful things to say. All business people have to be consistent and likeable. And my casting friends tell me that only 50% of actors show up for appointments. I know from experience that they have looonnng memories. Don’t let that be you!

Lisa Kaye wrote:

“Social media, social media, social media. I used to think that all I needed was a reel, a website and an agent. My presence has really grown since I’m now posting all the time on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.”

I totally agree, Lisa! I was once like a fish in a bathtub (actually, my aunt used to keep them there when I was young for fresh gefilte fish . . . go figure!) where social media was concerned. I don’t know what I would do without social media now. And now I know A SECRET . . . a terrific way to use blogging and social media to get you seen! I’ll share it with you soon.

Jim Rawly wrote:

“I never realized everything I should do to be working. I thought all I needed was an MBA. Lots of work to do!”

I think you said it all, Jim!

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