It’s a place for you to not only learn how to act or brush up your skills fast, but also to learn surefire acting success strategies for marketing your Actor-Business. Not only that, it’s a place to clear out stuff that keeps you from having the success you want. Pure and simple, it’s a place to get clear about your career!

When I was a young actress, we took lots of classes, auditioned, and hoped for roles. No one at that time taught acting marketing. So we didn’t learn it. But Alice actor, Vic Tayback, once told me that, in order to be successful, I had to be both a master actor AND a master businessperson. With all my onstage experience, as well years of being groomed by the greatest teachers of the 20th Century, I considered myself a master actor. But all the rest . . . C’mon! Then, that was for my agent to figure out.

Now we all know that expecting your agent to make you a star is a thing of the past. You’ve got to market yourself too. There are all these workshops that teach ShowBiz. And lots of online opportunities to submit and otherwise show off your talents. But is there really a step-by-step plan out there that will take you through everything you need to know to be a professional actor . . . from training to marketing to aligning yourself energetically for success? Well, there is now!